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We hired Luba6ky to make a commercial, and he quickly realized what effect we were looking for. He filmed moments from several of our big events, used already filmed materials, and produced the whole project. The result was excellent! We still use the video. It is always easy to work with great professionals.

Kaloyan Todorov – CEO /SEG Group/

Our successful joint work with Luba6ky gives us reason to give high marks for the quality of service and deadlines for tasks, as well as the professionalism and responsiveness of Luba6ky and his team.

Dessislava Elenkova – Marketing & Communications Manager /Euroins Insurance Group/

Since we chose Luba6ky to be our partner, I can share that we got not only a professional technical expert but also a true consultant. Luba6ky and his team came with very fresh and innovative ideas. The video they made is with great quality, reflects Amdocs brand precisely and we use it regularly at all events. I would rely on him completely for any future projects like this and highly recommend him.

Magdalena Encheva – HR Manager /Amdocs Bulgaria/

With his creative vision and uncompromising performance in our joint projects, Luba6ky gives us the level of the result that always exceeds our expectations!

Anton Andonov – CEO /ERA Bulgaria/

About me

I found out my passion for filmmaking when I was at school yet. It was so long ago that there was no cheap fancy cameras and DSLRs were not so popular. Now, years later, I have hundreds of videos behind me. It was hard but worth, while everyone else were drinking and wasting their time, I worked hard and learned new stuff day by day.

And I still do…

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